• Montauk Mustangs Collegiate Baseball

    The Montauk Mustangs

    Be part of the experience of a lifetime! 
    The Montauk Mustangs need your help!
    Many young scholar athletes from all over the country
    have come to our town to play at a high level of
    collegiate baseball. They are students from Yale,
    Vanderbilt, St. John's and many other major universities.
    However, housing these players is a necessity. Without
    housing, the team cannot exist. This is where the
    community comes in.
    Players from last summer have proved their worth to our town.
    -worked part-time jobs (Herb's, Yacht Club, gardening, etc.)
    -volunteered in two of Montauk's triathlons
    -set up Montauk Book Fair
    -attended end of year celebration for our Public School
    -ran free baseball clinics on Sundays for our youth
    . -provided a week-long baseball camp at our school
    These young men are amazing role models and you and
    your family could be part of this life changing experience!
    More information can be found on the Hamptons
    Collegiate Baseball league website.

    Please contact Jamie Loeb at 917-561-5798 or cloebs@aol.com