4th Grade Instrumental Lessons

  • Welcome to 4th Grade Instrumental Lessons!

    Welcome to the first part of an amazing journey in your musical education.  I hope that this experience can be rewarding for both the student and their family.  Learning to play an instrument is an investment of your time and effort, but the results are extremely rewarding as you develop the skills required to become a musician.

    Just like an athlete, a musician must practice to build up muscle tone for the embouchure (mouth muscles) and muscle memory for correct hand position and finger combinations.  It is recommended that students practice for 60 minutes per week; ideally, 15 minutes four times a week. (More is always appreciated!)

    Music is a Higher Order Thinking Skill. A student must form the correct mouth and hand placement, use eye hand coordination, identify notes (pitches and rhythms), and decide how to play them (loud, quiet, short, long).  Music is not only a great brain stretcher, but is a lifelong skill. Playing music with friends brings people together and creates social bonds. 

    I hope you enjoy the beginning of your musical journey!

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