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Composting will be introduced and implemented in the 3rd and 4th grades through the participation of CCOM members Celine Keating and Sylvia Channing, Master Farmer. The students will be using a composter and it is hoped that what they generate at lunch can be used in gardens here.

Jessica James and Celine Keating will add $500.00 grant from Cornel Cooperative extension to the $150.00 from the sale of the cookbooks to purchase supplies for the garden.

Jackie Tyrrell brought up the idea of reinstituting the system of recycling at Montauk School and Brigid Collins offered to take on the next step of researching the topic by discussing the matter with school personnel.

Jackie also brought information to the meeting on online math enrichment programs that were available, such as Math League and Math Olympiada. PTA funds could cover program fees. The school would also need to pay a teacher for afterschool activity. All members agreed to review the on;ine information and then bring their opinions to the next Site-Based Meeting.

The Site-Based Committee then joined the Multicultural Committee meeting in progress aas they put the final touches on their plans for Multicultural night slated for March 27th. The Site-Based Committee will be helping with the Austrailia display and manning that table.

The next meeting will be April 15th at 3:10.