• September 4, 2014

    Thursday Notes from Pre-K                               Sept. 4, 2014

    Friday, September 5th is SPIRIT DAY: Wear our school colors…



    Welcome to the Pre-K program at the Montauk Public School! It has been a wonderful week getting to know your children.  It is going to be a great, fun filled year! If we can help or assist you in any way during this time of adjustment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for sending in all of the students’ supplies. If you haven’t done so yet, please send them in by tomorrow.

    This week, the students have been very busy getting to know each other, exploring their classrooms, and learning the daily routine. On the first day, both classes read “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn and stamped their handprint as a special keepsake from the first day of school. During a practice fire drill, the students learned that it is very important to line up correctly and stay quiet while they walk outside the building safely. We introduced September’s theme All About Me. The children cut out circles for their face and will draw their eyes, nose, and mouth with crayons.  Many manipulatives were introduced and they went to work creating, building, and experimenting with their busy hands.

    Next week, the students will continue learning more about themselves, their families, and their friends.


    The Pre-K school day begins at 9:00. If you do arrive before the day begins, you and your child must please wait outside the school together. The school day ends promptly at 2:00. Please remember to check your child’s mailbox at the end of each day for teacher notes or projects.


    A daily schedule will be discussed during Open House. Our schedule does have recess every day for about 45 minutes. For safety reasons, please make sure your child wears sneakers to school.


    Please have your child use the bathroom before the school day to help eliminate disruptions to the classroom routine. Each class uses the bathroom twice a day to establish a schedule and monitor proper bathroom behavior.

    SNACK and LUNCH:

    Please provide nutritious food and drink for your child. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN DRINKS WITH EXTRA ADDED SUGAR SUCH AS GATORADE, CAPRI SUN, OR SUNNY-DELIGHT. Students should only drink juices that are 100% juice or water. Children may have milk free of charge for lunch and each classroom has a water fountain. If you wish to send in bottled water, please only small bottles. No glass containers, soda, or candy please.


    We are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom if you wish to provide cupcakes or another special treat. Juice is great as well. Also, decorative plates and napkins make the moment special if you wish to do so. Summer birthdays will be celebrated together in June. PLEASE DO NOT distribute any birthday invitations at school if the entire class is not invited. A Pre-K Directory will soon be provided in the event that you would like to send invitations through the mail.


    At the beginning of each month, Scholastic book order forms will be sent home. The company offers many great age-appropriate books and there are many more choices online as well. The children love when their books arrive and it is a great way to encourage them to begin making letter/sound associations and reading. Extra order forms will be on the “Pre-K Current Events” board with a large folder for the completed orders. Please put the order form and money in an envelope or bag well labeled with your child’s name. The due dates will be attached to each form. You may also order online – our activation code is in red on the due date slip. If you have any questions, Mrs. Flanagan is in charge of the ordering for both classes.


    A calendar will be sent home at the beginning of every month (starting in October) letting you know when your child will be STUDENT OF THE DAY. This is a wonderful responsibility for the children and they take great pride in the being the special person for the day. Responsibilities include line leader, flag holder (when we begin saying the Pledge of Allegiance in November), calendar and weather helper, paper passer, etc. Family members are welcome to come in and read to the class when your child is Student of the Day.


    We will be putting together a Pre-K Directory for both classes. We will be asking you individually if you would like to be listed and confirming your contact information.

    Mrs. Flanagan        Mrs. Lester

                                                                       Ms. Miyuki             Mrs. Hammond