Fairview Farm and Corn Maze

  • Students navigated their way through the Mecox Farm corn maze guided by 6th grade curriculum-based questions. The botany of corn and its various uses were discussed, as well as its nutritional value. We learned that all the grains (corn, wheat, and rye) the farm produces can be used for cover crops (a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil), animal feed, and human consumption. Farmer Harry Ludlow demonstrated the grinding of grains and provided a tasting of the farm’s delicious homemade breads. His son, Nathan, gave students a hands-on demonstration of the various tools and equipment needed to plant and harvest the grains. Students were very excited to ask the farmers questions about all aspects of the farming process. The farmers were kind enough to send us back to school with three different farm-produced flours, which we put to use in our pretzel baking project. We had an a-maize-ing time!