(a “to do” list for teachers suggested by your school librarian)


q       Brainstorm ideas

q       Create rubric, write directions & requirements, i.e. design assignment sheet (consult librarian – include use of research worksheets, works cited, public library use, etc.) For examples of assignment sheets see Fifth Grade Page or Seventh & Eighth Grades Page

q       Choose due dates – coordinate with other events & projects to avoid conflicts for students; consider assigning “step” due dates: ex. facts/notes & research worksheets, 1st draft & works cited, 2nd draft & revised works cited, final draft & perfected works cited

q       Finalize assignment sheet

q       Obtain or create a model or example for students to follow

q       Create list of topics to be assigned to students (if applicable)

q       Give assignment sheet, due dates and topic list (with student assignments if known) to school librarian

q       Inform The Montauk Library of project - give assignment sheet, due dates and topic list (with student assignments if known) to public librarians, let them know if extra-credit will be offered for public library use (they will create sign up sheet)

q       Note useful Montauk Library info:  Children’s Librarian – Chris Langerfeld, Head Librarian – Karen Rade, phone 668-3377, fax 668-3468, hours vary – closed Thursdays (get blue public library bookmarks for distribution to students – includes phone number & hours) Web address:

q       Distribute assignment sheet and due dates to special ed, resource room and ESL teachers – meet with them if necessary to adapt assignment for specific student(s)

q       Post assignment sheet and due dates on homework bulletin board outside Mr. Perna’s office throughout the project

q       Arrange a class visit to the school library for orientation and assistance from school librarian and library resources

q       Distribute assignment sheets to students

q       Assign student topics (if applicable)

q       Go over assignment sheet/due dates and share model in class with all students (have them hold their questions until the end of your presentation, then give time for questions)

q       Assign a due date for assignment sheet to be signed by parents

q       Monitor student progress throughout project – arrange for extra help sessions if necessary (plan with librarian for research extra help in library)

q       Check and/or collect drafts when due (consider peer editing for 1st draft, teacher collection and correction for 2nd draft)

q       After final projects are completed, use rubric for grading – consult with school librarian for evaluation of research worksheets, works cited and work habits

q       Obtain sign up sheet from Montauk Library to assign extra credit for public library use

q       Publish or display projects (consider informing local press)

q       Reflect on project - discuss with students/teachers/librarians pros, cons, possible improvements for next time (save this info for future planning)